You’ve heard it for years: “We hate them” and “We don’t have enough time and people to properly process them” and “It takes too long and it never ends up right.”

What’s the problem? Accounting for cost overruns on large projects.

But now there’s good news…News that will get you paid faster for your extra work.

The industry leaders from EquipmentWatch and the Rental Rate Blue Book introduce CostTrax; a better approach for Time & Materials projects.

CostTrax is the only solution that automatically incorporates agreed-upon rates, enforces consistency and accuracy, and shares the administrative workload with project owners, inspectors, and engineers in a real-time cloud application.

What does this mean for you?

  • Transparent Rates: Project owners and contractors are fully aligned and agreed for recovery rates up front. Contractors submit their requests with rates already built in, and reviewers just click to verify, all in the same easy to navigate application.
  • Faster Payments: Integrating Rental Rate Blue Book standards means no more back and forth on the right costs. Faster agreement and approval means faster payments for you.
  • Accuracy & Compliance: Never fear an audit again. With built-in consistency and accuracy, CostTrax logs and retains all the documentation required from the very first request through project closure.

If you can’t believe we’ve finally solved the headaches of T&M submission and management, click here to see the proof.

Better yet, get your Project Owners on board. Click here to send an email asking your project owner to use CostTrax on their next project. Just enter their email address and click send. They’ll be glad you did.

CostTrax. Putting the headaches of paper in the past.