Adding Owned Equipment to a Request

Add models to the ‘Equipment | Active’ section to determine the reimbursable amount for active use of equipment. Users who have saved equipment in Project Assets can use the ‘Add From Saved Models’ to quickly add models to a request. If the user chooses not to use Project Assets, there are two additional ways to add equipment to a request:

  • Add New Model: Use this option to find named equipment, e.g. “Deere 410J”

Example gif of Add New Model under Active Equipment

  • Add New Miscellaneous Model: Use this option to find miscellaneous equipment, e.g. generator sets

Example gif of Add Saved Models and hours input

CostTrax exclusively integrates with the Rental Rate Blue Book from EquipmentWatch to provide industry-standard charge rates. By default, hourly rates are determined according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standard formula: (Monthly Ownership Rate)/176 Hours x Age Adjustments x Regional Adjustments plus Hourly Operating Cost). Adjustment settings are determined by the Project Manager during initial project setup and are displayed above the table.

Enter the hours used as well as any approved transport cost to determine the total amount for reimbursement.