Step 1: Adding Project Information

It’s easy to set up new projects in CostTrax. Click the new project button at the top-right of your screen to get started:

Image of plus Project button

The ‘New Project’ screen will walk you through the steps to customize the project to your specs.

Adding Project Information

Image of New Project screen for Water Street Construction

  • Account: Select the internal account that will be managing this project.
  • Project Name: This will be the name of the project shown to all users.
  • Requesting Organizations: The contractor that will be performing the work.
  • Contract Number: Contract number can be used to tie multiple projects together.
  • Location for Rental Rate Blue Book: Selecting a location will allow you to apply a regional adjustment to the hourly ownership cost portion of the blue book rate.
  • Location for Rental Pricing: Used to compare submitted expenses for equipment rental invoices against local market pricing.
  • Project Instructions: These instructions will be viewable in Settings and displayed only to users with Project Admin permissions