Step 2: Adding Users to the Project

Adding Users to the Project

Add new users to the project by entering clicking ‘Add User’ and entering an email address. Added users will receive a welcome email. First-time CostTrax users will also receive a separate email to set their password.

Image of desktop view of Add User pop-up

There are four roles that can be assigned to a user:

  • Project Requestor: Allows user to prepare and submit requests.
  • Project Manager: Allows user to adjust project settings.
  • Project Observer: Allows user read-only access to submitted requests.
  • Project Approver: Allows user to modify, approve, and reject submitted requests.

You can assign multiple roles to a single user. Imagine you want to use CostTrax for internal estimation. By assigning yourself as both Manager and Requestor, you can quickly create requests that serve as T&M estimates customized for your project.