Step 5: Defining Your Approval Workflow

An optional feature, CostTrax allows Project Managers to define custom approval workflows. This feature routes a request for approval across sequentially-defined Project Approvers.

Image of Request Approval Order snippet

This option can be used to define any number of practical scenarios, e.g.

  1. Contractor submits request
  2. Inspector completes initial approval
  3. Project Engineer completes final approval  


  1. Subcontractor prepares request
  2. Contractor completes initial approval
  3. Construction Manager completes final approval

Navigate to the ‘Users’ screen of a project to define the approval sequence. Any user with the Approver role can be added to the Request Approval Order by clicking Image of CostTrax guide button. Drag and drop approvers in the list to set the order that meets your workflow needs.

The approval order, as well as current status of approval, is always viewable on the Request Interface by all users. Assigned approvers will be notified via email when they become the active step in the workflow.

Image of ready for review email